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Welcome to Dwarka

Drive down a private track, take a path through the jungle and leave the world far behind. Perched on different levels along a coconut grove overlooking the sea and a freshwater lagoon, Dwarka’s thatched cottages are beautifully designed - all billowing cotton and splashes of colour - naturally ventilated by the ocean breeze. Each cottage is spacious and offers an unobstructed view of the sea. At the head of the lagoon, our raised restaurant and bar affords stunning views along one of the few undeveloped beaches left in Goa, the perfect setting for our delicious, all-inclusive meals or a sunset cocktail.

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22 Mar 2016

Keep this place a secret

15 Mar 2016

Dwarka total relaxation

14 Mar 2016

excellent hotel

14 Mar 2016

Hidden gem!

12 Mar 2016

One of the best places

8 Mar 2016

Dwarka a slice of paradise

8 Mar 2016
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